There are many things you cannot do without in blogging, and one of them is search engine optimisation. This is a tool that will help you benefit and tap from the unlimited traffic that is generated on the World Wide Web on daily basis. Some big sites like Facebook, Information Guide Africa, Twitter, Reporter 247, Afra Tales, Pinterest and many others get some massive deal of search engine traffic every day. You too can in your small way benefit from this unlimited search engine traffic.

Before we continue…

What is a search engine?

A search engine a website on the internet where people log in to type queries and get their results. The queries can be on any niche, topic, sub-topic or interest. The search engines work based on keywords and help you get the desired results. The most popular search engine in the world is Google but there are so many others like Yahoo, Bing, etc.

The competition on the internet by bloggers and website owners is so much as everyone wants to come up to a desired result the search results. You can see some websites always jumping to the top of the search results whereas some others are buried in the 1,000,000th page.

There are so many things these search engines put into practice while ranking sites and some include external back links leading to site, site domain authority, site page ranking, site loading speed, etc. All these and so many more will lead us to the word search engine optimization.

Search Engine Optimization

What is search engine optimization? This is the full word for the always shortened word, SEO. It is the process of optimizing your website, blog or even web page to appear in your desired page in the search engine. There are so many things that help you to get these results and they are called SEO tools. SEO tools range from tools that help you in choosing keywords, tools that aid you in creating back links and so many others.

There are the free ones and there are the paid ones. Today we will talk about the free ones since not everyone who needs these tools can be able to afford the paid ones.

  1. Keyword rank checker: This tool will help you check that your keyword to know its possible position in the search results. It will show you the top 250 search results, together with their CPC and total search volume data. They can work based on phrase or keyword, and also aid you select your desired results by location, device and domain.
  2. Meta tag generator tools: These will help you generate the best meta tags for your desired search engine ranking.
  3. Keyword research database: This is another great search engine optimization tool. It works based on keyword or search volume estimations. They can help you research hundreds, thousands, and even hundreds of thousands of keywords with ease instantly.
  4. Google location changer: Google no longer lets you change your location manually but there are tools that can do that free for you. They help you stay in your country and target your search engine traffic in the United States of America and you would be getting your desired results from there. It’s very essential for al bloggers and website owners especially considering the fact that some countries’ traffic pays more than the others.
  5. Meramaal: This is also a great tool for search engine ranking. You can go there to post about your jobs, items whether used or unused and so on for a better listing. Remember search engine works with back links; a back link from such top site as Meramaal will surely boost your ranking.
  6. Find broken links, redirects and site crawl tool: Broken links will harm your search engine ranking and you need to work on them. There are many tools that will help you get and rectify these issues for a better ranking.
  7. Image optimizer: Images can make our web pages heavy and search engine robots hate that. There are so many free tools that will help you optimize and reduce the weights of your images for a better search engine ranking.
  8. Page speed tool: You have to use these to check out your page’s loading speed. Compare the results with other sites and judge yourself.