There are tools for each of the areas of digital marketing that will simplify your daily work if you learn to make good use of them.

Being up to date with all those that come up is impossible; in any case, below we offer you a list of some that you may not know.


Headline Analyzer: Analyze the titles of your website, social networks, blog … and give you suggestions on how to improve them to make them more attractive and get boost traffic, actions and search results. Being an American application gives more importance to English so the suggestions will be better in that language. Is there a keyword in the headline that helps position? Is it too short? Does it provide emotional value? Headline Analyzer makes an exhaustive analysis providing quantitative and qualitative data about your titles and their power of attraction in order to improve your position in the rankings of search engines.

Portent’s Content Idea Generator: In relation to the previous application, it also suggests titles to achieve virality. Obviously, having the best headline does not guarantee that your post will go viral but it is a factor to get it. Introducing a keyword or phrase shows you other possible titles and gives you advice on how to improve the content.


Yandex Metric: An interesting alternative to Google Analytics. It is a free web analytics tool similar to Google Analytics and includes some features for which you have to pay in other tools, such as: making heat maps, SEO analysis highlighting the most clicked links or recording sessions by colors of the user. It provides valuable information about the behavior of users who visit your website.

Crazzy Egg: Unlike the previous one, in this one, you have to pay for its use although it offers 30 days of free trial. One of its most curious features is the “confettimap” that shows each click of the visitors of the page represented with a color and also offers a filter of metrics of those clicks. With the “scrollmap” you can analyze to what extent your users scroll and which parts are the most viewed. These are just some of the features of Crazzy Egg, a payment tool but quite affordable, starting at $ 9 a month.


KW Finder: It is an excellent keyword research tool that truly simplifies the process in a way that other tools have not been able to do. It is very intuitive and presents multiple research options for unique keyword opportunities. In addition, to this day, it is one of the cheapest keyword search tools in the market. Although you can also use it for free, its features are very limited.

Free SEO tools that generate reports


If a place of doubts is one of the best free SEO tools to make a report free. It is a step-by-step guide that will tell you what you should do to optimize the SEO of your website, section by section.

Woorank features:

• Audit and a complete SEO report.

• Audit of Social Media.

• Free trial for 7 days.

• Marketing plan with the steps to follow.

• Analysis of visits.


An interesting tool with which we can make free SEO reports, among many other things. The information you provide us is very complete and of quality.

These are some of the features of MySiteAuditor:

• Unlimited and free SEO audits.

• We can audit specific pages.

• It offers a good collection of data.

• We can analyze SEO optimization from a keyword.

• We can compare our page with a better positioned or the competition.

• We can export our free SEO reports to PDF.

• You will receive in your email a link to each SEO analysis that you make.

• You can download your SEO audits.

Free ad posting sites

Do you want to sell your car or your house? Feeling difficult to attract customers to your new business? So, dear friends, do not worry about that. Here a lot of sites that are made to place free classified ads. Whatever your requirement and wherever you live in India, you are able to post free classified ads.

Each person wants to advertise his/her business for free on a very large scale. You can also post classified ads in newspapers, magazines, and posters, but your reach is limited and you have to pay the fee for ad placement there. The publication of classified ads on the Internet (on a website support ads) is the great idea for people want to publish advertising because viewers can get an unlimited number for free by posting ads on classified ads websites free like