In this hectic world relaxation and enjoyment has become the primary need of human life. According to the experts, the best way to unwind your mind is to play top online games regularly. So if you want to combat your stress and keep your brain active and fit don’t forget to utilize the fantastic benefits of free online games.

Meramaal Games

The is an extensive platform for free online games. In this top online games website, you can access different types of games ranges from the action, puzzle, education, sports, adventure, racking and a lot more. This one is one of the leading online game sites which offer you the chance to play games completely free of charge. Additionally, you can even win cash by utilizing your gaming skills.

These games are easy to pick-up and play. So even if you are a beginner, you can access them effortlessly because these games come with an explicit degree of play-ability. Along with that, this small games site online gives you the power to play with your friends. So now you both can enjoy the Best games of 2017 and Top 10 Games 2018. Take a look.

The Best games of 2017

2017 was undoubtedly a splendid time for the gamers. From the Super Mario Odyssey to the Nintendo Switch no one can forget these excellent pieces of tech. All these brilliant online games are available for free at the top online games website, Now let’s have a look at three best games of 2017.

Dota 2

If you are an action lover, you’ll inevitably fall in love with this marvelous piece. As a Dota hero, you can play multiple roles. Along with that plenty of powerful items are available which will help you to meet your target. It should be counted as one of the best games of 2017 because it gives you the power to play the game in your style.

Eve Online

Another masterpiece of 2017 is Eve Online. This one is a community-driven space MMO. Gamers can access this superb game entirely for free. It’s all about the battles in PvP. Exploration, PvE combat, mining, etc. All these are incorporated to make it exciting and challenging. You need to access the top online games website to play it.


If you are hunting to play top online games of 2017, you should try Smite right now. This outstanding game will provide tremendous knowledge about ancient mythology. Here you’ll find a comprehensive section of Gods, creatures, and immortals. They have their individual power and different fighting abilities. You can choose five players to protect your original Titan.

We all know that the best things in our life come for free. So these games are not an exception. Apart from these three various other terrific games are listed in this list of the best games of 2017 such as Planetside 2, Rift, Fractured Space, Team Fortress 2, Duelyst and a lot more. So visit the top online games website right now and enjoy the exceptional features of these world-class pieces. Now it’s time to check the list of the Top 10 Games 2018.

Get introduced to the top 10 Games 2018

If you are a game lover but don’t want to spend money to play them, then you are in the right place. Today we are going to explore the top 10 games 2018 which you can play for free. Hope you’ll enjoy this list. Take a look.

  1. City Battle

City Battle takes the first position in this list top 10 Games 2018. In this legendary game, thousands of Cities fight for dominance. You can also join the army of this virtual city and fight the invaders. You’ll get multiple military robots to battle with the enemies. You can adjust the abilities accordingly and can show your fighting style to conquer the city.

  1. Steambirds Alliance

Steambirds Alliance is an exciting game where you’ll find various secret missions and fatal bullets. If you want to play top online games to fuel your excitement, you should try this match. Here you have to fight bravely because hundreds of cruel bosses are there to defeat you.

  1. Lost Squad

Lost Squad listed in the top 10 Games 2018 because it shows you the Half-Life universe through the eyes of Barney Calhoun. You can play this game with your friends in co-op mode. Various creatures exist here to combat and defeat you. Show them your power. You can choose small games site online to play it.

  1. Lost Sector Online

This game is the perfect combination of MMORPG and tactical battles. Our next selection in this list of top 10 Games 2018 is Lost Sector Online. In this 3D masterpiece, you can easily skirt around rooftops, buildings and other obstacles. So enjoy fighting the battle against the enemy teams.

  1. MetaWorld

In this MetaWorld lands have real value. Meta Coin Cryptocurrency is used to buy and sell these properties. You can do so many things here such as hunting, camping, fishing and a lot more. So go for your personal living space in virtual reality.

  1. Insanity VR: Last Score

This one is highly recommended and truly deserves to take place on the list of top 10 games 2018. You’ll explore the memories of a psychopath. You need to solve the puzzles as soon as you can.

  1. Burst the Game

The next one is burst the game. In this outstanding game, a soldier fights with the opponent for democracy and freedom. This fighting is done using various strategies and communications.

  1. Unearned Bounty

To play this game, you have to be an excellent shooter. Focus on your target and also make plans when you can shoot them. Don’t forget to select the top online games website to enjoy this outstanding game.

  1. Super Smash Flash 2

Super Smash Flash 2 is one of the featured Games of the week. In this remarkable game, you can fight with lots of famous characters, from Sega Classics to Nintendo. It also comes with the vast variety of game modes.

  1. Embuscade

This one is one of the best horror games and also included as the featured Games of the week. This game is full of surprises. It’s about the story of an abandoned city in Embuscade.

Various people around the world think playing the game means wasting time without doing anything. But according to the scientists, it develops your brain and teaches you so many valuable things which are not included in your syllabus. The, the top online games website is indeed an ocean of entertainment. If you dig deep into it, you’ll surely get the ultimate relaxation and pleasure after spending a hectic schedule in your school or office.