We all are well known about the newspaper ads and also used at a lot of times to buy or sell lands, homes, recruiting candidates for companies or organizations and like more. Now, enhancement in technology introduced a classified advertising method in place of newspaper ads. Still, newspaper advertisements are alive and both these 2 types of advertising method provide same functions, but with different features. Most of the people jumped into the
classified ads for their features. So, are online classified ads better than newspaper ads? If so then how it’s better? Let’s see!!

Newspaper ads:

In order to post ads in the newspaper, you need to spend more money but allows posting only a small amount of information in the allocated space of newspaper. Even though newspaper ads permit to post a wide range of ads, but they will appear only for a day. So, we have to give ad for a week, month or until your need of advertisement is fulfilled and as well as you have to pay money for each day. Therefore, this is not affordable for all business people and only a big business is advertised in the newspaper.

Classified ads:

First of all, classified advertising is a method of advertising ads in the form of printed media on the website. When compared with newspaper ads, classified ads consume only less money, but allow posting huge information about your business, product, or services in a bigger space. Moreover, your posted ads are alive for a longer period, so there is no need of repetitive advertisements. The biggest thing of online classified ads is free of cost to read and publish ads. Several online classified advertising websites don’t ask to pay money to post ads. So, we can
able to save money on investing marketing.


From the above newspaper Vs classified ads section, we came to know classified ads are better than newspaper due to its attractive features and as well as free of cost, so anyone can able to make use this type of advertisement for their small to big business. But, the only thing is we have to find out the best site to post ads because they are some websites that ask to pay less money.

Valuable tool:

The classified free ad service acts as a valuable tool for both buyers and sellers, but sellers benefitted a lot than buyers. This is because sellers can market their products or services for free of cost and can give more and more information about the business in a larger space for longer time duration. Additionally, the classified site allows linking to the business website, so buyers can directly contact sellers. When it comes to the buyers, they can compare more than one site and find the best item that is not available in retail stores.
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